About Lidka Kanach

Lidka; Lidia; Strengths Finder CoachI  have worked with strategic communications and organizational development for over 10 years. I believe that well prepared and executed, thorough communication plans and strategies can increase or stabilize employee engagement, even during change processes, and can build strong leadership and company reputation both – internally and externally. I think business can be successful in sustainable way if leadership is supported by respectful, timely and spot on communications.

I have a pleasure to work with many cultures and my experiences cover working with many businesses in Europe and Africa. Getting to know so many cultures and building relationships with teams around the globe, shaped me as a professional. It is a great asset in my communication role, as allows me to more easily manage stakeholders, flexibly adapting to changing situations and understanding cultural and business differences.

During my career I have worked with strategy communication, corporate branding, employer branding, crisis management, change communications during acquisition and restructuring, employee engagement, internal communication including intranet development, reputation management.

I have a passion for Leadership, personal and team development. Part of my experience is building diverse international communication team that feels empowered and supported. I led roll out Self-Management Leadership Program for many countries in the region, also designing/adapting the content and facilitating. I am also a certified StrengthsFinder Coach, which means I’m recognized by Gallup as being fully qualified to coach others using strengths-based development. In this position, I coached many individuals and led team sessions, helping to get to know individual, team strengths and how to use it effectively.

Profile and key competences

Trainer, Gallup certified Strengths Coach and Self-Management Leadership Facilitator with 10 years of professional experience. Internal Communications expert, specialized in organizational development and employee engagement.   

  • Strengths Coach experienced in individual and team coaching in Poland, The Netherlands, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and South Africa.
  • Trainings – Organizational Development & Culture: Employee Engagement, Diversity&Inclusion Awareness, Living the values workshops, Compliance trainings.
  • Facilitation – Self Management Leadership Program, Engagement and Growth Program
  • Communication planning & trainings – internal communications, reputation management, crisis communications, restructuring, change communications.
  • Individual, Team and Leadership development

Strengths profile: Strategic, Responsibility, Activator, Input, Communication.